Tips to Design and Execute Effective Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting where people fiddle with their phones or where almost everyone in the room…

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Virtual Scavenger Hunt: An Epic Team-Building Stunt

How difficult is it to build trust and extend support to virtual teams? Do you miss the team-bonding activities you…

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Pandemic Productivity: Is the WFH Model Helpful?

According to a recent Nintex study, 67 percent of employees confirm that their pandemic productivity is higher than before. Prior…

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How to Dodge People Stealing Your Productive Time!

Friendly work cultures are undoubtedly healthy for employees working from distributed locations. Developing understanding with peers can be comforting and…

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Relationship with Peers on Virtual Communication

Adjusting to virtual communication was not as complicated as maintaining a healthy relationship with peers. Social media platforms or video…

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How to Finish What You Start?

Are you failing to manage your daily errands effectively and always running short of time? Are you finding it difficult…

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Top Management Diversity: How to Make It Happen?

Though organizations have initiatives to encourage a diverse workforce for many years now, top management diversity is scarce. Despite having…

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Reasons Why You Must Stop Multitasking Now

Multitasking – some people think of it as being a strength. In reality, you are forcing your brain to constantly…

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Do You Often Get Distracted? If Yes, Read This

With instant entertainment and information, you rarely need to exercise much patience or concentration on anything. For instance, if a…

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4 Key Considerations to Revamp Work Schedules

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently transformed the workplace format. Organizations are reshuffling their setup to maintain distance between people. In…

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