Career Development

Tips to Follow When at a Professional Crossroad

Most startup owners are consumed by ambition, profit, and competition in the initial years of their establishment. They work diligently…

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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

There are instances when life seems to be a battle against oneself. Everyone has a dream they want to pursue.…

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How to Improve Self-Learning Effectiveness

Education is no longer confined to only the classroom. In fact, many argue that the classroom model is now outdated…

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IT Increases Budget to Bring Top Talent Home

The technology industry is booming, even in the grim economic condition worldwide. IT professionals are taking advantage of the opportunity…

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What You Should Know Early in Your IT Career

Are there days when you wish you could have started your IT career on a different note? After years of…

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Avoid Crossroads and Explore a New Career Direction

How long have you been dissatisfied with your current job? Is it not as fulfilling as you wished it to…

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Virtual Career Fairs: Let the Hunt for Employers Begin

The global pandemic made companies turn to virtual career fairs as an innovative recruitment strategy. The trend is gaining ground,…

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Fearing a Job Layoff? Beat the Panic with These Tips

Getting laid off from your job is undoubtedly a difficult place to find yourself in—professionally and personally. However, losing a…

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Avoid These Biggest Mistakes While Applying for a Job

When you embarked on your job-hunting journey, you might have imagined that it would take a few weeks, or maybe…

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Large or Small Firm: Which One is Right For You?

Choosing to work for a large organization or a smaller one is like choosing a university or city. Opting for…

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