Shubham Gaur

Shubham Gaur is working as a Content Specialist with CAI. With more than 5 years of experience in content production (written as well as audio-visual), Shubham completed his Masters in Fine Arts from Leeds School of Arts. He has worked with Delhi based Pierrot’s Troupe and has developed content for several media houses, including SAB Group and The Running Indian Films.
Personal Growth

In-Demand Skills You Should Learn Right Now

The world around us is transforming at an unprecedented pace. It is becoming evident that our formal education is not…

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Career Development

Tips to Follow When at a Professional Crossroad

Most startup owners are consumed by ambition, profit, and competition in the initial years of their establishment. They work diligently…

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Career Development

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

There are instances when life seems to be a battle against oneself. Everyone has a dream they want to pursue.…

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Away from Office

Balancing Work from Home with Personal Life

‘Work From Home’ has been a boon to a large portion of professionals in today’s pandemic world. As office commuting…

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