Jamison Manion

Jamison J. Manion, MBA is the Senior Associate Editor - IT Workforce Journal and President of Workforce Engagement Solutions, LLC. He is the author of The Workforce Engagement Equation; A Practitioner's Guide to Creating and Sustaining High Performance - TheWEQ for short. Applying this proven methodology that combines behavioral economics and online analytics into a systematic approach to provide strategic interventions combined with coaching for increased organizational effectiveness and team development and employee engagement. Clients include fortune 500 companies, government, and small businesses. Past experience includes working as a Global Manager of Workforce Development for a fortune 500 company in 28 states and 19 countries; Director of Readiness and Deployment for United States Joint Forces Intelligence Command Unit 0193 and Founder of the Center for Workforce Innovation - Richmond, VA. Currently he is the President of Workforce Engagement Solutions since 2009. Areas of Expertise comprises: 1. Change Management/Facilitation; 2. Leadership Development Skills and 3. Measurement & Evaluation.
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