In-Demand Skills You Should Learn Right Now

The world around us is transforming at an unprecedented pace. It is becoming evident that our formal education is not helping us to move at the required pace with the changing times. This is one of the reasons that it has become essential to learn new skills to enhance productivity and grow personally. In his article for ‘Lifehack,’ Iulian Ionescu shares some in-demand skills that you should learn.

Look Within

There must have been some skills you nurtured in your childhood, be it gardening, football, reading, or anything else. By improving the existing qualities and skills, you can familiarize yourself with a new set of skills that will help you in professional success and boost your confidence. It might seem difficult initially, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


People have generally perceived that writing is about authoring books and contributing articles for journals or newspapers. People ignore that they write every day, be it an email, a memo, or an application. It is essential to know the basics of the language and sharpen your writing skills as it makes your work appear professional and gives you an edge over your contemporaries.

Foreign Language

Globalization has changed the way business was done earlier. Learning a foreign language allows you to learn more about different cultures, history, literature, and business mindset. It also helps you establish conversations with people from other nations to strengthen your cultural bond.


Most people get scared when the conversation drifts towards coding. The reason could be a terrible schooling experience or the fallacy that you would have to learn a code language and execute it with zero errors, which is not entirely true. Most code editors are easily accessible, where you can learn the basics of programming language.

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