How Misguided is Your Professional Development Training?

Why do employers initiate employee training? Does it help the workers outperform? What techniques do you follow for employee training—new or outdated? Have you achieved what you target from staff training programs? If all your answers are no, something is inappropriate about your professional development initiatives. In this article at Forbes, Nell Derick Debevoise elaborates on why corporate training has become useless. The velocity of transformation has outperformed the concept of employee training.

Misguided Content

Most companies are trapped in an industrial revolution mindset. They believe employees must proactively work like a machine and focus on improving their technical skills only. However, 2021 has demonstrated the power of enhanced communication, collaboration, and creative freedom. So, managers have understood and initiated interpersonal skill development activities to improve their team’s performance.

Fix the Flaws

Without investing in employee growth, you cannot survive the emerging market competition. Along with strategic, operational, or product advancement, offer career development opportunities to keep associates engaged. According to a Deloitte talent survey, about 37 percent of people suggest lack of career growth, and 27 percent quote job challenges as the primary reasons for quitting jobs. 50 percent of the workforce expressed interest in online education. So, employers must include new provisions of online learning opportunities for their remote workforce.

Maintain transparency with the employees and stakeholders about environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. Explain to the digital workforce the significance of stakeholders and integrate their needs for improved outcomes. It is the duty of IT and business leaders to take bold steps for people’s growth. Find a new strategic approach to help your employees prioritize learning while accomplishing business goals. Change their perspective about life, work, and professional development.

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