How to Upskill Yourself Amidst a Busy Work Schedule

Are your current job responsibilities preventing you from upskilling yourself? Are you unable to acquire new skills that are relevant to your next targeted job? To discover developmental opportunities, you must invest time and be willing to stretch yourself and experiment. So, how do you find time amidst your busy work schedule? In this article at Forbes, Caroline Ceniza-Levine explains how to develop your career skills when you have a repetitive job.

Ways to Develop Skills

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The smartest way to acquire new skills is by stepping outside your comfort zone. This means you must stretch beyond your area of expertise. For instance, if you do not like public speaking, start signing up for presentations at work or networking events. “Volunteering is a hands-on way to flex new skills and give you tangible examples to share at job interviews and networking meetings,” says Ceniza-Levine.

Find a Mentor

A professional mentor is typically a superior you trust. You can reach out to your mentors to help you design learning plans. Often, project managers will point out company offerings that you do not know about. Furthermore, if you are interested in developing a specific skill that other team members are skilled at, your manager may swap your responsibilities with others.

Be Curious

Develop thoughtful insights about the industry and your company. Ask your managers and colleagues industry-related questions. Additionally, do not be shy about sharing your insights.

Tap Into Company Resources

If you work for a large organization, check if they provide in-house training sessions on the topics you are interested in. It could be industry-specific workshops or general skills training for managing people, communication skills, public speaking, and more. Many smaller companies that do not offer onsite training provide personal budgets earmarked for learning and development courses.

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