Balancing Work from Home with Personal Life

‘Work From Home’ has been a boon to a large portion of professionals in today’s pandemic world. As office commuting ceased to exist, travel fatigue took a backseat allowing employees to channel their energy towards productive activities. However, working from home can seem like an incessant task and can take a toll on your health. In her article at the Muse, Deanna deBara suggests several ways to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Work-Life Imbalance?

‘Work from home’ can creep into your personal life and hamper the much-required equilibrium many of us struggle to maintain. It is your responsibility to manage an effective work schedule complemented with a good social life.

Match the Schedule

Working incessantly can lay an unbridgeable gap in family members. Keeping a similar schedule with your family can mitigate the gap. Working when family members are also working their jobs provides a common leisure time for everyone to interact without thinking of professional responsibilities.

Fix A Time to End Work

Losing track of time while working at home is a common occurrence. It’s always that one more file, one more email that requires immediate attention. Developing a sense of separation and keeping it consistent goes a long way. Focusing on the work and saying ‘no’ to it at a predetermined time develops a psychological deadline that initiates a change. It leads to a larger chunk of personal time and enables you to work effectively.

Get Away from Work, Literally

This works when it comes to disengaging yourself from long working hours. If you work in your home office, leave the space once you are done with the work and close the door behind you. If you are working behind a desk or even at your bed, finish up your work and put all documents in their files, switch the laptop off and tidy up the place.


Work from Home has been beneficial for many single parents and children living with their older parents. Work can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing as well as personal relationships. Developing a sense of detachment is the key to manage both effectively. Click on the following link to read the complete article:     

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