Accept Constructive Feedback for Career Growth

Everyone works hard and tries to produce their best. So, any feedback seems like a direct criticism of our effort. But look around you. Most successful people and high performers willingly accept constructive feedback, and that criticism has turned out to be good for them. In this article at Lifehack, Mat Apodaca shares how you should accept constructive feedback for career success.

Taking in Constructive Feedback

Most people find feedback to be a negative term. However, constructive feedback is different because the reviewer has taken the time to objectively point out the specific areas you need improvement in. If you add these suggestions to your daily to-do list, you will progress each day toward your coveted career goals. Here are ways to accept constructive feedback:

Steps to Acknowledge

  • People’s initial reaction to any feedback is defensive. Before falling prey to that primal instinct, stop. Do not react immediately.
  • The person providing you with constructive feedback has learned first-hand by making mistakes and is sharing their insights with you. So, do not think of it as a personal attack.
  • Understand how criticism can help you. However, it is up to you whether to accept it. You can implement the changes to get immediate benefits and keep others for when you need them the most.
  • Be a proactive listener to understand fully what the individual is suggesting. Do not form an immediate opinion but remain open-minded.
  • It is not a good feeling when someone comes up to you and criticizes the work you thought was your best. But that person is helping you achieve your career goals quicker. So, be thankful for their time and contribution.
  • If you cannot figure out where the issue is, ask for help from those you admire.

Brownie Points

How can constructive feedback help you? It enables you to get a third-person point of view. This is helpful when you want to increase performance at work or for individual growth. Not everyone gets the opportunity to receive constructive feedback. If someone is there to correct your mistakes, it means the company considers you a valuable recruit.

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