Are Company Internship Programs Necessary?

Companies flock to universities and other learning institutions to hire graduates for their internship programs. These candidates will be future leaders and require nurturing from the start. So, how do you make a corporate workshop a success? In this article at CareerAddict, Emma Harris shares how to successfully hire for internship programs.

Reasons for Internship Programs

Recent graduates must be trained in order to add value to your company. The will need a few years to soak in your corporate culture and experience. Would not it be better to hire an experienced professional instead? Not necessarily. Here are the reasons why your company needs internship programs:

Compatibility Probation

Though you have a probation period for a newly hired experienced worker, you can test more candidates in internship programs. You will find out who among those are fast learners and are more compatible with the company culture.

New Talent

Fresh graduates will be more adept at new technologies than their existing employees. New ideas will flow in, and you can use those newer concepts to offer innovative services to clients.

Mutual Benefits

Assign your current staff members to mentor and train new candidates in the internship programs. The process is not only creating future employees but also inculcating future leadership skills in your existing workers.

Cost Savings

An experienced person will not perform the low-end jobs and they require a higher pay package. You can save some money while helping the fresh graduates get some corporate experience.

How to Recruit

You will find resumes on usual recruitment sites. But there are other ways to reach out to potential candidates. Use your social media handles to find out the best of the lot. Ask your employees to find quality candidates instead of hunting through several job platforms. You can also make a round of campus interviews to recruit new faces for your internship programs.

Before you do all that:

  • Have a recruitment workflow and model planned out with various department heads.
  • Get the desired candidate summary from them.
  • Frame your questions to understand how suitable the applicant is.
  • Make sure to have all your questions jotted down to prevent missing out on vital details.
  • Explain to candidates in detail what they should expect from your internship programs, so there are no surprises.

Steps to Build a Program

Internship programs must be structured and regulatorily sound enough for the company and the candidates in order to see positive returns. Pay the interns for their hard work. Decide who among your current employees should take part in the training and the areas they should stress during the sessions. New hires must get feedback continuously to fast-track their development cycle.

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