4 Career Growth Strategies You Must Abide By

Do you have your career growth strategies and milestones all planned out? Or have you never thought about it until now? Only 10 percent of working professionals have a career roadmap. In this article at MultiBriefs, Rob Shallenberger and Steve Shallenberger share four career growth strategies to help you achieve your goals faster.

Discover Career Growth Strategies

Are you earning a good salary but repeating the same thing day after day? Does your life look like it is going nowhere? You need a purpose that you can pursue when you wake up each morning. Here are the career growth strategies you can use to get back the thrill in life:

Set Milestones

Determine the goals you want to achieve in your career. Obstacles to achieving them might be issues like time management. You might have to set aside time to reach your milestones. Instead of legitimizing why you cannot achieve those goals, learn how you can make them possible.

Select Potential Roles

What are the roles that you aspire to fulfill when you move up the corporate ladder? They can be leadership, sales, or administrative. Select more than one role that you can take aim at. Achievement can extend beyond the workplace to also becoming a better spouse or parent.

Create SMART Targets

What do you have to do to be promoted to these roles? Set up SMART objectives for each of those roles as part of your career growth strategy. Achieve these goals each day without fail. Do not be vague when you describe your progress.

Be Accountable

Ask someone you trust to keep a tab of your annual achievements. You are more likely to achieve these objectives if a well-wisher monitors your progress. A recent study has confirmed the concept. Let them be the recordkeepers of your career growth.

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