Top Coding Languages to Increase Tech Skills in 2021

Several sites compile a list of top coding languages every year. Some base it on the programming languages developers prefer while others prioritize employable skills. In this article at InformationWeek, Cynthia Harvey lists several organizations like Stack Overflow and Tiobe Index. Let’s find out what those top coding languages are for 2021.

2021 List for Top Coding Languages

1.     Python

It is the leading programming language in three competitive lists: PYPL,, and Coding Dojo. The language was launched in 1991 and is still going strong in its 30th year. Most Python users are not used to coding but have to work in the IT fields.

2.     Java

Java is one of the top coding languages in several websites like GitHub and RedMonk. Sun Microsystems published it in 1995 and then made it available as an open-source programming language. Since it can run on any platform or tool, Android apps’ basic framework is based on Java.

3.     JavaScript

The language is a must for front-end development. First marketed in 1995, universities and schools teach JavaScript in beginner courses. It is in its 25th year of release.

4.     C#

Though Microsoft introduced C# as part of its .NET platform, it can support other platforms too. Developers use it mainly to develop the Windows operating system. Per Microsoft, C# is “a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language.”

5.     PHP

Despite developers not preferring it much, it maintained consistency in ranking in 2020 and 2021. It previously stood for ‘Personal Home Page’ that now people know as ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’. Web servers, operating systems, and platforms use it as a foundational block.

6.     C or C++

Tiobe has informed that C alone claims to have a 14.32-percent market stake. Furthermore, C and C++ are top coding languages that you can use for various app development. While C came into being in 1972, C++ joined the race in 1985.

7.     Ruby

Rails uses the language because it is an object-specific language. Ruby was developed in 1990 to help you effortlessly read and write code.

8.     Go

Just introduced in 2011, this is the most recent language to make it to the chart. If you do not want to use C and C++, Go is the best option as an object-specific language.

9.     Swift

If you need to write apps for Apple’s products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Swift is the language you should use. Though not one of the top coding languages for products other than Apple, it has successfully taken the place of Objective-C.

10.  R

This is one of the top programming languages that people have started using since 1993. Its popularity has increased in recent years owing to emerging technologies like analytics, data mining, advanced statistics, etc.

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