Do You Use These Inspiring Leadership Phrases?

Leadership is about communicating well with people. How often do you use inspiring leadership phrases to motivate your team? Do you make time to applaud your team’s hard work, or are you always too busy with administrative work? In this article at, Marcel Schwantes shares the inspiring leadership phrases great managers should use.

5 Inspiring Leadership Phrases

To motivate the team to work and produce quality deliverables, you must remember to use inspiring leadership phrases. What can you use regularly? Here are some samples for you to try:

Phrases to Explore

  • We could not have done it without you – The sentence frames how valuable the team member’s contribution was and that you acknowledge it wholeheartedly. Recognizing the fact in front of the team encourages the person to stay loyal to the team.
  • I need your advice – Great leaders know that the best possible solution can come up when more than one head is involved in problem-solving. This is one of the inspiring leadership phrases that enables your teammates to take more ownership.
  • How can I help you? – Sometimes, team members do not speak up about their problems even if you have an open-door policy. When you proactively ask them, they might feel more comfortable to discuss their concerns.
  • I have goofed up – It is okay to make mistakes even if you are a leader, but you should learn from them. This is one of the inspiring leadership phrases that helps the team understand how to come out of a tight spot.
  • I have no clue – You do not have to play the know-it-all on the team. Let the crew come up with a solution and source ideas instead of always depending on you to solve the problem. This exercise helps you create future leaders on the team.

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