How to Study Amidst Your Busy Work Schedule

It is quite easy to watch videos on your social media account. It is also enjoyable to watch your favorite television show after you return from work. However, you might find it challenging to pick up a book to study after work. This is especially true when you are preparing for an examination or just reading to enhance your knowledge. So, how to motivate yourself to study when you are too busy at work? In this article at LifeHack, Rick Ornelas shares some practical ways to inspire yourself to study when you are busy at work or not motivated to read.

Ways to Motivate Yourself

Identify Time-Consuming Things

If you want to read amidst your busy work schedule, implement the best time management approach. Avoid distractions such as long conversations with colleagues, social media distractions, and extra time during lunch break. Proper planning will provide you with an opportunity to spend some extra time to read.

Set Achievable Milestones

Most times, you get discouraged when you see many tasks lined up. You may have to juggle between the work, reading, and task submissions. Breaking down your tasks into smaller milestones will help you achieve your goals. For example, you can choose to read at least one topic a day or solve five multiple-choice questions. This will help you in avoiding procrastination.

Make Learning Active

This means do not just absorb the knowledge or information. Instead, add your new learnings into what you already know. Your active learning can include:

  • Thinking of ways to apply concepts to problems you come across.
  • Doing group projects.
  • Finding application of the new topics in your projects.
  • Review your friends’ or co-workers’ works.

Check Your Progress

Measuring your success as you begin to accomplish your goal will motivate you to read more. You are encouraged to study more when you learn that you are making progress. If you do not measure, then you are probably not making progress at all.

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