Career: How to Deal with Unsolicited Advice

You will inevitably stumble upon people that impart sage words of wisdom at some point in your professional life. This can be annoying and even infuriating. Unsolicited advice often feels critical rather than helpful. If it is repetitive, it can cause stress. So, how do you deal with unwanted advice? In this article at Forbes, Amy Blaschka explains the ways to handle unsolicited career advice.

Tips for Responding

‘Thanks for Your Advice. I Will Think About It.’

If you want to remain in someone’s good books, this is the safe line to say, even though you have no intention of doing so. There is always a possibility that the person might check if you have followed through or not. If such situations arise, you can always tell them that you haven’t found enough time to do anything about it.

‘Thanks for Your Opinion. But, I Already Have A Plan.’

“If you are the target of a chronic advice-giver and your previous replies have fallen on deaf ears, you will need to be more explicit to shut them,” says Blaschka. You can say, “Thanks for your opinion, but I have already charted out a plan that works well for me. I will certainly ask your help if I need your advice in the future.”

‘I Am Not Considering Anything At This Moment’

This is essentially the most polite way to avoid the advice-givers. While this may come across as dismissive, it does reinforce your boundaries. Further, the other person will not approach you with advice that is not welcome.

If you have trouble setting boundaries without being reactive, you must work on your abilities to self-regulate. Responding to unsolicited advice with compassion will undoubtedly diffuse the situation much faster. To read the original article, click on

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