Improve Remote Work Productivity with These Tips

Remote work productivity has increased tenfold because people do not have to commute to work. However, you also have to do household chores, take care of crying babies, or give time to plumbers. So, handling work and home together is stressful. In this article at Project Smart, Duncan Haughey shares tips to help improve your remote work productivity in no time.

Remote Work Productivity Tips

Time management is the top driver for remote work productivity. So, you have to prioritize tasks, increase work speed, etc., to produce deliverables per the expected deadlines. Here are the tips:

Guidelines for Better Work Efficiency

  • You cannot always rely on emails to communicate your thoughts. If it is a complex task, call up the team member over the phone or virtual platforms and explain the process. The individual can even record the session for thorough reference afterward.
  • Every stakeholder has a preferred choice of communication. Increase your remote work productivity by sending reports or tasks through the channels they favor the most. Additionally, learn about the timeframe they want to get the most communications.
  • When you need immediate attention to specific items or decision-making, do not write lengthy emails. Message the person on your office’s collaboration tool and set up a quick online meeting to block the time for a better brainstorming session. However, the problem with this mode is that you still have to write down the meeting minutes and share them with other stakeholders to maintain transparency and visibility regarding project decisions.
  • It is pretty common for several professionals to extend their work hours while working from home. Your health will be compromised if you make this a habit. So, stick to your work schedule and inform the team about your hours of availability.
  • Your body is not accustomed to sitting for long hours, so step out of the workspace often. Or, at least, get up from your seat every half an hour.
  • The more stressed you are, the more things start piling up on your desk like a laundry basket. To avoid this, complete the task at hand before moving to the next.
  • Do not worry if you are not done with the day’s work. Login to work early the next day and complete those tasks before your begin the normal work schedule.
  • Sort out the tasks per their importance and urgency. While the urgent tasks must take priority, ensure that you work on important tasks too.

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