How to be IT Recruiters’ Favorite Candidate

Technology companies are hiring despite the global economic slowdown. IT recruiters have changed their hiring game plan with emerging technologies and worldwide acceptance of the remote work model. So, what exactly are they looking for? In this article at the Boss Magazine, find out how you could be IT recruiters’ favorite candidate.

Get Noticed by IT Recruiters

Gone are the days when you have to be close to the company’s location to get hired. Employers are now open to candidates that can connect to work from remote areas. IT recruiters are broadening their talent hunt accordingly, but so is the competition for you. Here are ways you can become a favorite candidate for IT recruiters:

Learn Multiple Skills

Apart from the degrees you have earned in tech schools and universities, you have learned new skills after joining a firm. Do not stop at that. Find out the skills that IT recruiters are looking for in the job portals. Acquire those capabilities to get the attention of your potential employers.

Network, Network, Network

Since it is difficult to meet people in person, make it a point to network online. Join virtual forums where you can get the most recognition. Sometimes, associating with a well-known community of developers can give you more leverage than networking with the top honchos in your company. Reports confirm that 80 percent of the working professionals attribute that career growth to relevant connections.

Create Your Brand

Do not be a cog in the machinery. Stand out in the crowd. IT recruiters would like to see your work outside the resume. Share blogs or work that an external journal has published online. Additionally, your certifications and positive customer testimonials can increase your chance of getting the job you want.

You might not get the job you vyed for in the first stage of your career. However, do not ignore or reduce the importance of what you have already learned. Every experience is important. Make your resume speak for itself by making a personalized one for every employer that you approach. Do not hide the rave reviews you received or the freelancing experiences you had in the past. IT recruiters prefer candidates that are outspoken about their career.

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