Why Your Resume Is Not Getting Enough Responses

You have updated your resume several times, yet you did not get a single interview in weeks. You even have paid for your cover letter design and run it past a friend. So, is something else creating issues? In this article at LiveCareer, find out why your resume is not getting enough responses from the potential employers.

Where Is Your Resume Lagging?

There can be several reasons why employers are not shortlisting your resume. It is not always about your cover letter or page outline. Here are the probable causes your resume is not getting enough responses:

Opinions or Preferences

You might be taking pride in certain principles or activities that your potential manager did not like. You studied from an institution that reminds the executive of some bitter memories. Your go-getter attitude or staying in one position for more than the expected years can trigger a negative response from the interviewer.

Not Flexible Enough

You want the job badly, but your resume quotes a higher salary expectation than the manager is ready to shell out. Furthermore, you have responsibilities for which you prefer fixed work timings. However, the job is client-specific and usually demands flexible hours. If your resume says that you cannot travel too far, the manager would instead select someone situated close by.

Check what the work demands before sending a generic resume. You might be okay with getting any job right now, but problems will crop in if you do not think it through. Be yourself and express what your employer can expect from you. For instance, you are willing to relocate or work long hours.

Mention Accolades

Have you achieved something in your previous organizations that could be highlighted in your resume? Maybe that can be a differentiating factor for your employment. Nonetheless, do not leave any awards or recommendations that could improve your chances of getting the job. To view the original article in full, visit the following link:

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