Recruiting Online? Know the Benefits and Challenges

Since organizations cannot have recruitment drives at offices due to COVID-19 restrictions, recruiting online seems to be a real alternative. HRs have already started hunting talent on popular and reliable platforms like LinkedIn. But, before you jump in, find out the realities of the online recruitment strategy. In this article at Career Addict, Siôn Phillpott shares the perks and challenges of recruiting online.

Before Recruiting Online

Recruiting online has several benefits as well as challenges. Find them out below:

Let’s Start with Benefits

  1. With one job vacancy post on popular job portals or social media platforms, you can get a better response. Additionally, you can save money through that.
  2. You do not have to wait a lot for responses. Sometimes, people immediately respond. This might help you find more candidates within a short period.
  3. You can cast a wider net when you are recruiting online. Since the younger workforce is tech-savvy, you can easily find the right candidate. Studies indicate that 98 percent of U.S. citizens between 18 to 29 actively use the internet.
  4. Most job portals are user-friendly and even have default response forms for candidates.
  5. You have plenty of templates to choose from while posting a job ad. So, you do not have to think about designing an attractive job posting when you are recruiting online.
  6. If there is a spelling mistake or you want to modify the job tenure, you can easily do so through your employer account. If it were a newspaper ad, you had to pay the agency again.
  7. Newspaper and other print media ads have a shorter shelf life. Meanwhile, your job posting stays online as long you or the job website keeps it.
  8. It not only shortens your recruitment cycle but also takes care of your confidentiality.

Next Are the Challenges

  1. Recruiting online from some platforms is costly. You must pay for subscription charges as well as separate fees for job posting, analytics, and so on. It gets more expensive by the day if you do not get enough responses.
  2. The top management opposes posting for higher-level jobs because that might not go well with the brand reputation.
  3. Though you can get better responses, you also get unsolicited applications. Furthermore, your post might fall behind when hundreds are posting for the same job description.
  4. Recruiting online is time-consuming because you have to regularly sift through each application or update posts. Then, you lose a resource that is dedicated to updating them.
  5. If you upload too much information, cyber-attackers will use that to infiltrate your corporate network.
  6. You can interview a candidate sitting at the opposite corner of the world. However, without in-person meetings, miscommunications could spoil your efforts.
  7. Technical glitches during a call are problematic when you are recruiting online. If your company’s website is not up to the mark, high-value talent will lose interest and drop out of the interview queue.

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