What You Should Know Early in Your IT Career

Are there days when you wish you could have started your IT career on a different note? After years of experience, people tend to change their career paths because they then realize their calling. What if you have the chance to course-correct now? In this article at InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan shares guidelines that you should know early in your IT career as a professional.

Suggestions for a Better IT Career

You find many experts and industry leaders talk about mistakes they made early in their IT careers. They suggest that you do not make those mistakes when you start yours. Here are the tips that you must imbibe before you get busy building your IT career:

Reflecting on Things Past

CureSkin CTO and co-founder Ramakrishna R started his IT career with a great launchpad—Google. However, he left the company to build a startup. However, the venture shut its doors within six months. Though it was a short journey, he opened another business and is successfully running it now.

You must be thinking that Google laid the foundation for him to become a successful entrepreneur. The CureSkin founder says otherwise. “I learned more in the first year of my startup journey than in 10 years at Google,” he said. When you have an already established setup, all you have to do is maintain consistency.

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When it is a startup, you have to handle many roles and learn things from scratch. Instead of reaching out to a different department for help, you have to firefight your way out. If you really want to grow in your IT career, apply for roles in a startup than an established brand.

Threat Protect CIO Lia Edwards wishes that she knew better early in her IT career. Though she was paid higher than the industry rate, she missed out on learning something new every day. Furthermore, she did not find a mentor that could help her grow professionally. Instead, she clocked in more hours of work but still was ‘expendable’ for the business. So, find a company where you would love to work and that gives you enough opportunities to grow in your IT career.  

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/11-things-it-professionals-wish-they-knew-earlier-in-their-careers/d/d-id/1340570?

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