Manager’s Guidebook to Boost Employee Motivation

As a manager, you are well aware of the consequences of disengaged employees. However, what you may not know is how to encourage them to exceed expectations. In this article at the Balance Careers, Susan M. Heathfield suggests great ideas to keep your team members motivated to deliver quality outcomes.

Hit the Right Chord

The truth is employees are self-motivated individuals, and it is a manager’s responsibility to figure out an appropriate way to use it. You are in charge of the relationship you have with each of the employees. Here are some tips for doing the needful:

Compatible Workplace

To foster employee motivation, managers must develop a workplace that genuinely encourages all productive people. Provide them job satisfaction by implementing key steps to form a healthy work environment. Offer them enough chances to nurture and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Kind Gestures

Words matter a lot if you aim to inspire your staff. Your kind words can make them set higher career goals. Start your day on a positive note and share the same vibe with your team members to sustain an enabling work culture.

Courteous Behaviour

One of the best-selling authors and former Harvard Business School professor David Maister believes that a manager’s behavior is vital for employees. How you lend your attention to the employees’ concerns and ideas is a sign of your availability. Understand their personal or work-related problems to offer a feasible solution.

Expand Your Vision

Imbibe leadership actions like honesty and transparency with the teams to develop trust and security at the workplace. Frequently initiate open and honest conversations with your team members to know them well. Share your optimism and vision to shape them into influential professionals.

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