LayOff: How to Answer the Tough Question

Job interviews are tough enough as it is. But, when it comes to answering a question about a layoff, you feel even more stressed out. Coming to terms with your dismissal and building confidence are the first steps to finding work again. How do you answer the inevitable question? In this article at The Balance Careers, Alison Doyle explains how to answer a question about the layoff in ways that highlight your strengths and make the most of your unfavorable situation.

How to Explain a Layoff

Be Honest

Trying to mask your layoff on your resume will only harm your credibility as an employee. Be upfront and let your interviewer know that you have nothing to hide. This will create a foundation of respect and understanding between you and your interviewer. This is undoubtedly an excellent way to start the interview process.

Initiate the Discussion

Do not avoid the topic. In fact, initiate the discussion and face the topic early in the interview. This will renew your confidence and allow the interviewer and you to move on. Taking the initiative to discuss your layoff will show your honesty and confidence.

Showcase Your Contribution

“Build a portfolio of work samples from past jobs, including the one from which you were laid off. Include samples of writing, design, spreadsheets, reports, case studies, presentation slides, lesson plans, and other projects,” says Doyle. Employers will hire you if they believe you have the right skill set for the job.

Be Positive

Positively answer the interviewers’ questions rather than showing a negative attitude about your previous organization. Answer in the following manner.

“The COVID-19 has impacted many organizations, and our company is one of them. The company incurred huge losses and had to lay off 30% of its employees to save costs. I am one of them. I respect their decision and understand their action, even though it is tough.”

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