Virtual Career Fairs: Let the Hunt for Employers Begin

The global pandemic made companies turn to virtual career fairs as an innovative recruitment strategy. The trend is gaining ground, now more than ever, among SMBs. In this article at the Muse, Kaila Kea-Lewis defines the benefits of virtual career fairs. Learn to leave a lasting impression on the virtual recruiters.

Virtual Networking

Take it as an opportunity to network with your peers and employers from a distributed location. Since the global lockdown, companies have been struggling to get skilled personnel. The virtual career fairs give a chance to eligible candidates to demonstrate their skills. Follow the guidelines to create a niche in your industry:

  • Find a suitable virtual career fair attended or sponsored by your target companies.
  • Register yourself using the communication channels suggested by the organizers.
  • Attend the fair and gather as much information as you can to pitch your talent.

Forward Planning

Just as you plan for a one-on-one interview, always prepare and present yourself as the ideal fit for the job. To do so, you must make plans for the future, now! Let’s take a look at how:

  • Pre-register for the session of employers you always wanted to work for. Collect information about how the session goes and refine your plans to impress them.
  • Be ready for impromptu interviews. Always keep yourself updated about ongoing company business plans, reasons for making headlines, and so on. Your knowledge is the key to get shortlisted for further rounds.
  • Attend the fair from laptop or desktop for clear communication. Do not rely only on your smartphones because they might malfunction or lack clarity.
  • Keep your resume updated so that you can forward it to recruiters in a fraction of a second.
  • Look confident while talking on the webcam and converse as if you are in front of the recruiters.
  • Eliminate background noise or distractions at home. Choose a secure and soundproof space to attend the virtual job fair.
  • You can ask questions or clear your doubts with the recruiters. It shows how curious you are to know about the company.
  • Always exchange contact numbers with the organizers and recruiters for follow-up sessions.

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