Fearing a Job Layoff? Beat the Panic with These Tips

Getting laid off from your job is undoubtedly a difficult place to find yourself in—professionally and personally. However, losing a job will not derail your career if you plan for the worst while things are still going well. With the right planning, you can stay prepared for unexpected job loss. If you do not receive a pink slip, you will feel better prepared for your next career move. In this article at The Balance Careers, Alison Doyle shares some tips to protect yourself and your career.

Tips to Deal with the Fear of Losing a Job

Talk to Your Manager

Ask your manager about how you can be a better asset to the team and the company. This will help you focus on aspects that you can control. “Be willing to take constructive criticism if it is offered, and continue doing your best work, even if it becomes clear that a layoff is looming,” says Doyle.

Reinforce Your Financial Security

A few months’ saving expenses can help you avoid the need to take on expensive credit card debt. Financial experts suggest that professionals must spend less than they earn to save for a rainy day. Ensure to build this short-term cash cushion to get you through if you lose your job.

Work on Post-Layoff Plans

Working on your post-layoff job search plans is an excellent way to combat anxiety and gain control over your career path.

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  • Use job portals to find similar work at different firms.
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Prioritize Your Health

The pressure to retain your job may lead to burnout. Set time out for yourself—even for just 15 to 20 minutes a day—for self-care. Spend your time outside, do a home workout, read a few pages in a book, or meditate. It is crucial to take care of yourself when you are dealing with uncertainty in your career. Read the original article by clicking on the following link: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-to-do-if-worried-about-layoffs-5112805.

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