Career Advice for Your New Normal Workplace

For most of us, the new normal workplace is our home. Organizations have just begun to realize how they can leverage the work-from-home model to hire remote talent and increase revenue growth. As a result, job search competition is higher than it was before the pandemic. How do you cope with this? In this article at Business 2 Community, Wendy Marx shares suggestions to help you thrive in your new normal workplace.

Strategizing for New Normal Workplace

Many people lost their jobs because organizations shut down or accelerated layoffs. Instead of feeling anxious, make a career shift or create a niche of your own in the industry. Here are suggestions that can enable you to bring out your best in the new normal workplace:

Stand the Test of Time

You have worked hard and ascended the corporate ladder, but that is not enough now. According to the 2021 Workplace Learning Report, resilience has topped the new normal workplace’s most-wanted skills list. Additionally, you must have ‘confidence, adaptability, positivity, stamina, and even a sense of humor,’ remarks Marx. The following tips will get you through challenging situations:

  • Stay positive and find opportunities even in a challenge. If you have lost a job, be ready to find a better company.
  • Be grateful for what you have. Some are dealing with worse situations.
  • Have a trusted group of people with whom you can share your worries and joys.
  • Get help from a mentor to get an objective perspective.

Embrace the Digital World

You cannot survive the new normal workplace without the help of technology. If you have been delegating technical work to your team, it is time you learned how to do those digital tasks. Businesses heavily rely on technology now. Lower your resistance and be open to learning new skills and capabilities that make you invincible in the new normal workplace. Find out the most in-demand skills in your industry and start learning them. You might have to know the whole Microsoft Office suite or have a more in-depth technical knowledge about AI and programming languages.

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