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5 Best Practices of People with High Productivity

Do you think people with high productivity have trouble balancing their after-work lives? You cannot be more wrong. They have learned how to utilize their free time to the fullest, and that is how they get things done faster. You will never see them working after hours. In this article at Project Smart, Caroline Brooks shares five best practices of people with high productivity that you can imbibe.

Practices for High Productivity

Informed Vision

To maintain high productivity, efficient professionals always plan thoroughly before starting any work. They make a to-do checklist for tomorrow’s tasks before they hit the bed today. They are never in a hurry to finish things, have a high level of concentration, and are open to suggestions.

Trivializing Trivial Things

How much time do you spend watching 2-minute videos or chatting up friends on the side? These things stop you from concentrating on the work at hand. Highly productive people compartmentalize their focus to complete work within the stipulated time to then free up other time.


You might feel that people with high productivity are doing too many things at the same time. If you break down their tasks, you will see they are concentrating on completing one task’s portion at a time before going to the next. They also help others get to that level of efficiency.

Multiple To-Do Lists

Most people have to-do lists for today, but what about a week or a month from now? Highly productive people make sure that they have short-term and long-term goals. They will work on both on the same day to achieve both within their estimated timeline.


You are surrounded by technology that is designed to lessen your manual work. To demonstrate high productivity, figure out the tools that can make your life easier. This effort will help you to save time to get more tasks done.

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