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Want a Salary Hike? Learn These Tech Skills

Who does not want a salary hike? Organizations were cutting corners wherever possible in 2020, but the scenario is not that bleak any longer. You can boost your chances of getting a salary increase by learning some in-demand tech skills. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares the popular IT skills to support your request for a raise.

Skills for a Salary Hike

According to Vettery and Hired studies, back-end, full-stack, and front-end developers are more likely to get a salary hike. Let’s find out how:

A Ray of Hope

Machine learning developers have always been the industry’s highest-paid professionals, getting annual pay ranging from $115,000 to $171,000. Though companies have stalled hikes, the average pay package has increased for San Francisco engineers by 5 percent. Professionals in New York (3 percent), Toronto (7 percent), and London (6 percent) also had the much-needed financial adjustments. Vettery/Hired CTO Dave Walters added, “We also saw the demand increase for remote engineers. The pandemic really opened up a lot more companies to exploring that.”

Remote Hiring on the Rise

24 percent of organizations were ready to hire candidates from remote locations. Candidates that were remotely hired saw a better salary hike of 2 to 5 percent than those with colocated jobs. However, remote candidates in major markets received a 5 percent lower salary than their local counterparts. Additionally, 53 percent of IT respondents preferred remote work before the pandemic. It increased to 54 percent after the outbreak.

Who Has the Highest Offers?

Are you a software developer with 6 to 10 years of experience? Then you might get 33 percent more recruitment calls than your peers with more than 11 or less than 5 years of experience. Organizations are ready to shell out money for tech skills like Redux.js, Google Cloud, React.js, AWS, continuous integration, and Ruby/Ruby on Rails. The same enthusiasm is observed for candidates that know programming languages like Go, Scala, and Typescript.

Tech Language Favoritism

Software engineers have a soft spot for Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, Ruby, and Scala. 72 percent believe their love for their favorite language is based on the ecosystem. 68 percent like to learn a language if it offers scalability and resources. 42 percent want to learn tech skills to get jobs in large enterprises. 20 percent were fixated because that was the first language they understood.

Continue to expand your tech skills to increase your chances of getting a comparatively better salary regardless of market conditions.

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