Train Your Monkey Mind to Improve Productivity

You want to improve productivity at work, but your monkey mind quickly gets distracted. It can happen anywhere for any task, from writing to meditating. Do you know why this happens? Can you control it or stop it? In this article at PM Times, George Pitagorsky shares how you can train your monkey mind to improve productivity.

How to Improve Productivity

To complete the tasks at hand, you need to focus. It is important to concentrate on a single assignment to improve productivity. You can use meditation to reduce your frequent monkey mind distractions. It happens to the best of us and can be triggered by “another thought, a feeling, sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch,” says Pitagorsky. The new task or conversation might be more fascinating than the one you are doing now. That cascades into more thoughts and actions. By the time you know it, you are entirely off track. Here is how you can stop getting distracted and improve your productivity:

Eliminate Triggers

You have numerous distractions surrounding you. For instance, your smartphone. So, it is easy for your monkey mind to jump around. Removing some of them could enable you to control your flighty focus. Turn off or silence device notifications. Stay off the grid or treat that one hour of focus time like a high-impact client meeting session.

Choose to Focus

The monkey mind jumps to the other thoughts because it finds the new assignment more interesting. Then it gets another branch of thought to swing to. To stop this destructive progression, train your brain to stay focused. Meditation and self-awareness come in handy here. However, your success rate depends on your willingness to improve productivity. Strengthen your will to overcome these non-productive habits, and you can start focusing more on the task at hand.

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