Eliminate Lazy Replies to Elevate Your Communication

How often do you reply to your colleagues in a neutral tone? Did you know it harms your reputation? Your one-word answers not only cause a communication gap but also represent you as an impolite professional. In this article at Business 2 Community, Achim Nowak explains the need to avoid lazy communication.

Vital Feedback

The presumption that you provided an adequate reply is one of the biggest challenges of communication. Often, you assume that your abbreviated response has conveyed what you wanted to share. However, it is the “epitome of transactional communication,” says Nowak. To avoid such mistakes, start listening and responding to the unsaid. Improve your messages by adding more words to them. Also, follow these significant rules of communication:

Avoid Pushing the Button

Social media platforms and quick tools made us lazy enough to avoid expressing real emotions. For instance, to acknowledge a new accomplishment on virtual media, most of us prefer to send emoticons. If you make a quick effort to type a message that conveys your natural response to the team member’s achievement, it encourages your peer to outperform.

Be Empathetic

It is okay to express your real emotions to develop a long-term relationship with a colleague. Learn to give adequate attention to the expressions shared by your peers. Be open to extending empathy whenever required. Indeed, it is an emotional risk that you have to take to strengthen your professional relationships.

Learn to find new ways to communicate without barriers to develop active interaction within the business network. Exercising improved communication methods is an ongoing process of your personal and professional development. Not only does it improve your ability to express yourself, but it also motivates your peers to deliver outstanding work.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.business2community.com/communications/stop-being-a-lazy-communicator-please-02389732

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