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Virtual Scavenger Hunt: An Epic Team-Building Stunt

How difficult is it to build trust and extend support to virtual teams? Do you miss the team-bonding activities you used to do at work? Are you open to investing some time to have fun with your virtual team members? How about making acquaintances with the new hires? Are you trying to interact with them but failing to bridge the communication gap? Then it is time to initiate online team-building exercises. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy suggests virtual scavenger hunts as team-building activities.

An Activity to Boost Morale

Conduct remote gaming activities every Friday. It helps in cultivating teamwork, time management, and trust. The participants discuss and inspire each other to exchange innovative ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start by following these instructions:

  • Determine the duration of the virtual scavenger hunt. It should not last more than an hour or 30 minutes.
  • Decide the number of rounds you must play. Ensure each round does not last more than 10 minutes, including exchanging ideas and necessary discussions.
  • Make a list of items for the hunt and give clear instructions to the teams.
  • Encourage the participants with a prize that could be a gift coupon, compensatory offs, or some reward that excites your teammates.
  • Let the team members turn on their web cameras to show their live progress.
  • Always have a countdown timer to maintain the time limit for finding objects. Furthermore, keep a score sheet handy to identify the winner.

Let the Hunt Begin!

  • Carefully read the items you must retrieve and start the stopwatch timer to gather them. Each participant must jot down different things in the list given to them.
  • Whoever finds the first item from the list will win round one and collect points. You can keep your camera off while searching for the items and turn it on to claim your victory.
  • Once all the items in the list are gathered, declare the winning team per the maximum collection of objects.
  • You may select winners per the selection of innovative items. For instance, if the players must bring travel necessities, they can show passport, travel kit, and luggage bag, which is unusual but essential.
  • Update everyone about each team’s score throughout the search. Acknowledge the winning team’s success with the rest of the players in the end.

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