Your Meetings Could Have Been Just Emails

Some meetings keep the team motivated, align them, and push projects, ideas, and initiatives. But, how often are such meetings conducted? The answer is not too often. Many times, you might have attended a meeting thinking, ‘this could have been done in an email.’ Some meetings are bad for business simply because they lack a sense of purpose and precise, actionable outcomes. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy explains why you must think before scheduling your next meeting.

Warning Signs To Consider

You Need Answers

If you have questions that require definitive answers, put them in an email instead of holding a meeting. An email allows people to answer your questions at their convenience and think through their responses. However, if you have types of questions that require back-and-forth dialogue, then schedule a meeting.

You Need Feedback

How awkward is it going to be when you present your documents and then proceed to watch everyone read them silently? To avoid such situations, send an email with your document attached, and ask each recipient to review it. You can schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss their feedback. The recipients will have enough time to review your document and give it their full attention. When you give your team members a chance to respond independently, you will get unique responses to drive the best outcome.

No Clear Goals

To conduct a productive meeting, you must have planned agendas and intended outcomes. You can’t attend a meeting hoping that something will happen or someone will have a great idea. “If you don’t have clear goals, outcomes, or even an agenda, you have got more work to do. Communicate via email to get the information you need rather than coming together to ‘wing it’ in a meeting,” explains Leigh. You must have a clear strategy for your meeting, and the group should clearly understand what they must accomplish.

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