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How to Dodge People Stealing Your Productive Time!

Friendly work cultures are undoubtedly healthy for employees working from distributed locations. Developing understanding with peers can be comforting and easily workable. However, it may become unproductive when “got-a-minute” meetings turn into hour-long pleasantries. In this article at Quality Digest, Liz Uram explains how socializing with peers even for a minute over virtual channels may cause you a significant loss of time.

Spot It to Stop It

You can quickly go off the track by having non-work-related discussions once invited for a quick discussion or meeting. Such spontaneous drop-ins without fail wipe out more than a minute from your busy schedule. Often unintentionally, people end up wasting your highly productive time. So, abide by these steps to prevent time theft:

No Multitasking

Never focus on a range of tasks when you know you have to invest time for a random discussion with peers in the day. Multitasking does not make you productive, so focus on one task at a time. Set a target for yourself to finish the assigned work within a limited block of time. It will improve your focus and concentration.

Early Alerting

Let your team members, peers, and even boss know what you aim to achieve within a specific time frame. Block an hour to get priority tasks done. Specify to everyone that during that hour, you may not be able to assist them. If you communicate your plans beforehand, people will respect your request and will not disturb you.

Holding Ground

Unfortunately, despite your advanced notice, people may continue finding ways to waste your time. When something like this happens, do not hesitate to be assertive. Let people know graciously that you are in the middle of something important. Once done, you will reach back to them to help out.

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