Workcation: A Retreat to Yield Employee Productivity

Escape the monotony of your work desk to explore the endless, secure possibilities of working amidst nature. In this article at BBC, Meredith Turits suggests mixing work and life to deliver productive outcomes. A general term for IT professionals, workcation is a step to enjoy remote work with family or friends. Take a break without leaving your responsibilities unattended.

Obscure Stability

A perfect work-life balance is a demarcation of infinite obligations of personal and professional commitments. Keeping both separate is extremely difficult, especially when dealing with emails or virtual meetings amid a family vacation.

Break the Wall

Despite building a wall between personal and professional life, you keep failing. Workcation gives you the liberty to merge both. After a significant delivery, you can take a step away to enjoy some “me time” in the lapse of nature. Some organizations even offer workcation packages that include yoga, meditation, skiing, and other fun activities to regain focus for work. The initiative will help you rejuvenate and restore mental peace.

Make Business Network

Many IT or business leaders suggest workcation to explore new horizons and ways to build a corporate network. By integrating fun activities, workcation can help you build team strength and scale up resources while maintaining regular workflows. It enables you to dream how to expand business in other geographical locations.

Some professionals believe workcation is a paid compulsion to finish work, even while sipping a cocktail at the poolside. Indeed, it is a temporary arrangement that forces you to work during vacation, but it also motivates you to finish tasks within a time duration. It is up to you how you manage your work hours to enjoy the mountains. It breaks the monotony and distances you from the multitasking routine.

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