How to Finish What You Start?

Are you failing to manage your daily errands effectively and always running short of time? Are you finding it difficult to focus on one task at a time? Professionals in various lines of work have undoubtedly gone through these situations. Therefore, many organizations are investing money in time management tools to ensure that everyone in their team uses time wisely. In this article at Forbes, Luciana Paulise shares some agile time management techniques that will help you manage your time effectively.

How to Manage Tasks in an Agile Way?

Visualize and Plan

Set up your productivity board that has:

  • Inbox
  • Backlog
  • Delegated / waiting for
  • Projects / goals
  • Accomplished assignments
  • Recurring tasks

Cultivate the habit of seeing how you expect the outcome to be and what problems may arise from a given project. Use this board as your starting point while initiating a task. Define all tasks that are essential and then define a routine to achieve them. Edit your board based on your preferences.

Say ‘No’ to Multi-Tasking

Many studies have revealed that you are failing at all when you try to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Luciana advises professionals to divide the projects into smaller parts and ensure that each task takes no longer than one to three hours. “That way, you don’t get lost in a big project, and you are able to make adjustments more quickly,” explains the author.

Compare the Results

Compare your final result against your initial plan of action. Evaluate the results and take action to improve your priorities and task duration next time. If your schedule worked well, then maintain consistency in mastering the habit. You must evaluate results by asking the following questions:

  • What are the unplanned tasks?
  • Which tasks took a long time to accomplish than expected?
  • What tasks can be reduced?
  • What tasks can be delegated?

Effective time management is not as complicated as it seems. If you start following the techniques mentioned above, you will certainly achieve your set goals. To read the original article, click on

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