Denied a Promotion? 4 Things to Do Right Now

Didn’t you get that promotion that you worked for so long? It becomes all the more painful when your coworker gets it along with an appreciation hike. No, quitting or getting into an argument with the management will not give you what you want. In his blog article, Art Petty shares four things you must do when you do not get a promotion.

Tips When You Lose a Promotion

It is natural to feel hurt after the news breaks that you did not get the promotion. Once you cool down, think about the actions that you could have taken differently. Here are the four things you should do after you are denied a promotion:

Qualities Required

Does your promoted coworker have qualities that you need to work on? Think objectively rather than having negative thoughts. Could it be that the person showcases success more than you? Has the individual taken more initiatives, no matter the capabilities required? It might be the go-getter attitude that the management wanted.

Ask the Boss

Your boss can give you a better insight into why you did not get the promotion. If you have not approached your higher-ups before, it is time that you started rubbing shoulders with them. That would help you understand what their expectation is from your role.

Do They Trust You?

Does the management that is ultimately going to promote you know you in person? Have they seen how diligent you are? The only way to figure that out is to assess what worked for your peer. Has the individual taken the initiative and completed it before time? Does the person share a good rapport with the clients as well?

Study Success

Besides discovering your promoted peer’s qualities, you also need to look at other successful people’s journey. Ask yourself the following questions and answer truthfully:

  • Did you want the promotion because you deserved it or to nurture your self-worth?
  • Did HR know how badly you wanted the role?
  • Did you promote your skills?
  • What did you do to get your leader’s trust?
  • What is next in your career graph?
  • Do you require any training for the role you are aiming for?

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