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Promote Diversity at Work, Be a Better Coworker

With the growing concerns over diversity and inclusion at work, professionals are making genuine efforts to turn into an ideal associate. It takes constant effort and long-term strategy to embrace changes. Though often uncomfortable for many yet a necessary move at work. In this article at the Muse, L’Oreal Thompson Payton suggests analyzing your professional attitude. It would help you determine whether you are an admirable ally to the people working with or for you. Your transformation would also inspire your friends, colleagues, and even seniors.

Recent Disclosure

The past year’s events have led the focus more on diversity focus on diversity and inclusion at work. So, you can use your power to initiate new developments.

Embrace Equality

Follow these suggestions to shape yourself and influence others to become a good colleague:

  • Be open to address genuine apprehensions raised by workers or peers about negative or flawed remarks. Take suggestions and feedback from colleagues or associates often. Acknowledge and apologize for the wrong usage of words or actions causing contempt. Be wary of your intent and moves all the time.
  • Take the lead and start searching for resources and guidelines to imbibe the traits of an ideal ally. Prepare a guidebook that you can share with your friends, peers, and juniors to improve their soft skills.
  • Be transparent with your employees and coworkers. In case you observe any discrepancies, discuss with the higher-ups. Advocate changes if you are confident about it. Acknowledge genuine suggestions to achieve and improve alliance.
  • If you observe someone using offensive language or words, counter it politely. Develop a culture of open communication at work. You can avoid highlighting it in the crowd but let the person know later.
  • Often people develop biases and unpleasant attitudes unknowingly. They remain unaware of it until someone gets offended by it. So, analyze yourself and try to identify the areas or situations when you react objectionably. Now, start working on yourself to improve your behavior.
  • Take proactive initiatives to maintain a professional attitude with people at work. Becoming an ally is a constant process and requires in-depth knowledge, awareness, research, and positive initiation.

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