Boomers, Adopt Gen Z Strategy to Get a Job in 2021

The new year has brought some relief after burdening the world with unforeseen losses in 2020. The year seems promising for those that are refining professional skills to beat the odds. However, the senior employees are still suffering the repercussions of the pandemic. In this article at Forbes, Nancy Collamer suggests strategies to help aging professionals find a job.

A Reality Check

The coronavirus epidemic has recorded the highest number of unemployment worldwide. Industries saw a major downfall, and many workers lost their job in 2020. According to the New School Retirement Equity Lab, about 9 percent of baby boomers lost their jobs last year. Millions of Americans got a new job this year, but not in the other parts of the globe. To make a living in old age, you have to keep pushing your limits because your competition is with the modern workforce. Here is what you can do:

Broaden Your Horizons

Networking, referrals, and old contact revival are the keys to open doors to new opportunities. Landing a suitable job package depends a lot on the extent of your reach in the industry. Virtual channels and social media platforms allow you to reach potentially influential people. You have to strategize smart to get those that are capable of helping. Share your stories, skills, and efficiencies to get recommendations.

Boost Online Presence

You are skilled and experienced at the same time, which is a win-win for several organizations. Nonetheless, if you will not showcase your efficiencies, how would people know about it? So, be active on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora. Pull traction on your guide, advice, or opinion about an ongoing industry issue by sharing posts.

Shift Focus on Others

Searching for jobs in the areas you already have worked on is not ideal. Instead, be open to the latest options. Adopt an agile mindset and be ready to take up the challenge of working in new areas.

Be Innovative

No one wants to hire a dull, traditional mindset. Recruiters look for a proactive, creative mind that can generate a range of ideas to bring freshness to the products and services. So, be confident of your years of experience and offer an out-of-the-box solution to the interviewers. Before that, acquire knowledge about your hiring authorities and their interests.

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