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Cannot Afford an Unpaid Internship? Follow These Tips

On the path to a dream job, internships are the most important stepping stones. One of the significant downsides of internships is many are unpaid. It is not an option for many students. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to boost your chances of getting a job in your dream company. In this article at The Muse, Tiffany Waddell Tate explains how students can build up their resume if they cannot afford an unpaid internship.

Ways to Gain Experience Without Giving Up a Salary

Identify Part-Time Jobs

To find part-time jobs related to your career interest, you must conduct in-depth research. There are many job sites geared towards specific careers, making it easy for you to apply to jobs that would boost your CV. “A personal-growth hack for identifying opportunities like this would be to reach out to peers or faculty in your major to see if there are any organizations or companies that have hired on students in the past,” explains Tiffany.

Utilize Free Resources

There are many free resources at your fingertips that are completely underutilized. Explore scholarship, grant, or other funding opportunities through your universities. There might even be funds available within your academic department that you can utilize to pursue research, unpaid internships, or other experiential learning opportunities. You must find alternative funding sources to make unpaid internships more accessible.

Find Out Paid Freelance Opportunities

Paid freelancing opportunities will help you build a portfolio of work samples that are more relevant to the job you might be looking for. Many employers look for short-term or project-based help for career interests like web designs, software development, or user experience. Leveraging these opportunities will help you flex your skills and gain experience. Reach out to your contacts in your field of interest to identify potential freelance work. Additionally, utilize websites designed for connecting freelance workers with organizations and individuals looking to hire them.

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