Communication: A Fleeting Need or the Solution?

How complicated would it be to run a business without communication? Most certainly impossible. It would be as annoying as doing business without any profit. The COVID-19 lockdown has forced organizations to make extensive virtual arrangements. Communication was the only medium to maintain business continuity. In this article at Intelligent CIO, Rebecca Miles describes voice communication as a resolution and not just a mere necessity.

The New Normal

Work from home has turned out to be the eternal reality of 2020. Communication is the only natural approach to maintain a human connection. Virtual tools have played a significant role in keeping this connection. Together, remote workforce and virtual communication are producing desired results. The ‘new normal’ arrangement is here to stay for long and reform professional lives in the next decade.

The Learning Curve

The last couple of months imposed various strategic solutions. Many enterprises find it challenging to adopt remote work arrangements. Initially, IT and business leaders struggled to offer seamless communication solutions to their employees. Nonetheless, they progress when employees start getting used to the virtual setup.

An unusual spike in video and audio conferences were observed in the pandemic. Virtual communication made us far more connected than the one-on-one interaction before the epidemic.

Persistent Human Connection

In the pre-epidemic phase, we did not realize the importance of human connection in personal and professional lives. The COVID-19 crisis has manifested empathy in people. The situation made it clear that employees and customers are equally significant in expanding a venture. Regular interaction over the call or virtual channels of communication reassured how ignored communication was.

What’s Next?

The past months have forced organizations to make significant decisions in a short period. Previously, executives used to take months to roll out a transformational initiative. The new normal has changed that approach and made them open to digital developments.

A paradigm shift will emerge in the coming months, encompassing agility and empathy for the digital workforce. New work policies will choose humans over monetary returns, professional relationships over a business deal, and communication over the connection.

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