Choose Staff Empowerment Over Hierarchy Post Crisis

With organizations gearing up for the post-pandemic phase, conventional approaches need to go. Now is the time to shift your mindset towards advancement, agility, and new working techniques. The work-from-home model is here to stay, which may become problematic in the long run. To survive in the post-pandemic phase, you must ensure the flawless execution of virtual communication. In this article at Forbes, Jarret Jackson suggests executives adopt a team-empowering attitude. Learn to collaborate with them to subside the ill effects of the pandemic.

Workforce Empowerment 

Often, the executives misinterpret the term ‘empowerment’. They believe it to be a directionless approach. However, in reality, the approach signifies training employees to be independent, self-sufficient, and adaptive. The process will boost your staff’s morale and save you more time to focus on other priority issues.

Beware of Side Effects

Instead of empowering their team, leaders often stop giving direction to their team members. Finding a solution by themselves can lead to confusion and mismanagement. Without experience or transparency, even you can make mistakes. So, be wary of the consequences of negligence or ignoring feedback. Empower your staff by giving them adequate training to make independent decisions and overcome future hurdles.

Let them seek your guidance for rare issues, not the daily hurdles. Initiating the agile mindset of empowerment leads to employee engagement, motivation, and improved productivity. Your small change of attitude creates significant progress and turns your team into an adaptive mindset. In the end, your job to manage them becomes easy, which is an absolute win-win!

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