Reasons Why You Must Stop Multitasking Now

Multitasking – some people think of it as being a strength. In reality, you are forcing your brain to constantly switch gears, working harder to do things at a lower level of quality while exhausting your mental reserves. So, why is multitasking bad for you? In this article at Lifehack, the author explains why multitasking makes you less productive and why you must consider focused productivity over jumbled multitasking.

What is Multitasking?

Is it doing multiple things at once? Is it switching from one task to another? Or is it directing your attention to numerous purposes to get positive results? No one seems to be sure about what exactly multitasking is. However, many employers and managers believe in performing a lot of things simultaneously as a positive trait.

The Myths of Multitasking

The concept of multitasking came up because of computers. Witnessing how computers could run different operations simultaneously, professionals also believed that they could do the same. However, according to studies, only 2% of the population is proficient at multitasking. Researches indicate that many professionals who juggle multiple tasks are likely the worst at it. Multitasking will reduce your effectiveness and will result in mental fatigue. In other words, task switching overloads your brain and kills productivity by up to 80%. It diverts your attention to unrelated and different tasks.

Embrace Focused-Productivity Approach

Sometimes it can be boring to do just one thing at a time. “But, if you spend 20-40 minutes on each task/activity/item on your ‘to-do’ list, then you are productive, efficient, and you will probably make your day more interesting and varied,” says the author. Also, finish one task before starting another. If you cannot complete a task, consciously put that task aside before beginning the new one.

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