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Manager and management style are essential factors that affect job satisfaction in an organization. When employees are happy and satisfied with the management and work culture, they put their best effort to make the organization successful. On the contrary, if the employees in an organization aren’t content, they directly impact the businesses’ bottom line. In this article at Mckinsey&Co., Tera Allas and Bill Schaninger explain how bosses and supervisors play a more significant role in employee happiness.

Good Management and Job Satisfaction

A good workplace highlights two aspects that managers directly control:

  • Good work organization – Providing workers with guidance, tools, and autonomy to minimize their work pressure.
  • Psychological safety – Prioritizing the emotional health of workers by helping them reduce stress and anxiety.

Instilling a sense of trust and confidence, with a clear set of attainable goals rooted in customer-centric thinking, makes frontline workers feel empowered. Additionally, they are more likely to raise issues when things do not go well. “A safe and collaborative environment for joint problem solving generates innovation, a sense of achievement, and even higher customer satisfaction levels,” says the authors.

Numerous studies have indicated the link between employee job satisfaction, profitability, and customer loyalty. Employee job satisfaction directly contributes to shareholder value.

Role of a Leader

The fundamental elements that bridge the gap between employee satisfaction and organizational performances include empathy, mutual trust, encouragement, and good communication. Leaders must ensure to create a supportive environment where employees feel psychologically safe and satisfied. Acknowledge your employees’ contributions in front of others. When appreciation leads to encouragement, the ultimate result is reflected in the efficiency of work automatically. The level of job satisfaction is always higher wherever appreciation is higher.

It is the responsibility of senior leaders to consistently foster high-quality relationships between bosses and people who report to them. Read the original article by clicking on—&sid=3959754993&linkId=102497540#.

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