Is Work from Home Triggering Employee Burnout?

What comforts do you associate with working from home in a pandemic? Zero travel, hassle-free work schedule, comfortable clothing, and freedom to choose work hours. Fascinating, isn’t it? However, a lot of employees can tell you otherwise. In this article at Dice Insights, Nick Kolakowski unveils the IT industry’s harsh reality amid the global lockdown. If you look back, IT professionals have suffered immense work pressure in the last six months. Balancing personal and professional life was nothing less than achieving a project success to them.

The Specter of Stress

According to a Dice Sentiment Survey, many IT workers complained of their workload doubling in the pandemic. According to an anonymous professional network Blind, about 36 percent of employees answer work emails beyond their work hours. Almost 73 percent of them are suffering from burnout since July, which is a sharp rise of 61 percent since February 2020.

Mental health is turning into another global concern. If you are planning for permanent work from home, you must ensure work stress remains minimal. Follow these tips to overcome burnout if you have to keep operating from remote locations:

Be Disciplined

Remote work has erased the boundaries of taking a break from the tedious work schedule. You take calls and answer emails right from the beginning of a new day till night. The growing workload adds to your woes when you do not get time to eat peacefully away from your work desk. So, design a detailed schedule and offset the travel time to engage in a personal activity. The idea would help you balance work and personal life. Also, avoid checking your mobile for work updates while spending time with your family.

Share Workload

Splitting tasks and work hours among team members is a straightforward approach to reduce burnout. Do not hesitate to share your work concerns and anomalies with your managers. Request them to extend the deadline or transfer some work to other team members if you feel immense pressure daily.

Involve and Evolve

Isolation from team members will only increase your work troubles. So, take the opportunity to interact and lighten up with your team members over virtual meetings. Some organizations have initiated remote team lunch and interaction sessions over video calls to maintain collaboration. Listening is essential, but sharing is equally pivotal. So, do not hesitate to talk about mental health with your managers and colleagues.

Follow a Fitness Regime

Reiterating a healthy lifestyle is essential to prevent breakdown. So, do not compromise your sleep and fitness routine for office work. Take regular short breaks during work to avoid stress. Keep sipping water and consume fruits while sitting in front of your computer.

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