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Procrastinating While on WFH? 5 Tips to Evade It

Are you procrastinating while on WFH? It is a common syndrome that is slowly gripping the working professionals because of months of remote working. At the office, you just work. At home, you must look after several things besides working. Slackening can cause you to work late nights frequently to catch up on the rushed work. In this article at TechRepublic, Tom Merritt shares five tips to prevent procrastinating while on WFH.

Avoid Procrastinating While on WFH

It is a relief that your boss is not asking about work update often. However, you must be your own boss to stop procrastinating while on WFH. Otherwise, things will pile up, and you would produce poor quality deliverables in the end. Here are the five pointers to evade procrastinating while on WFH:

Time Your Tasks

Time is more precious than money because you cannot get it back once it is gone, not even half a minute. Block that time to complete your assignments instead of having team conferences or virtual chats.

Be Realistic

You might be the fastest worker in your team, but you cannot complete a day’s work in just two hours. So, set yourself achievable milestones. So, set yourself achievable milestones. If you have a lengthy task, break it into pieces, and set a timeframe for each.

Remove Disruptions

When you want to get some serious work done, go off the grid. Keep your cellphone away from your eyesight. Tell your family or friends that you are unavailable during that time. Do not open the shopping browser or check the news updates in between.

Add Breaks

All work and no play makes you a dull individual. Have breaks in between instead of pushing yourself to work continuously. The more time you force yourself to work, the farther your mind wonders, and the longer it takes you to complete it.

Award Your Perseverance

Once you have completed some goals, award yourself with that favorite snack from the fridge. It can also be a TV show that you watch daily. It will refresh your mind, and you can gradually break the habit of procrastinating while on WFH.

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