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Mind Mapping Expands Your Problem-Solving Skills

Has the sudden stakeholder question unsettled you during a presentation? Mind mapping helps you stay on track while presenting and exploring new insights simultaneously. It has a query at the foundation of your problem-solving process. You start building on the answers as you progress. In this article at, Carl Pullein shares how mind mapping helps you improve your problem-solving skills.

Mind Mapping Tools

To make mind mapping work for you, you must ask specific questions instead of a vague one. For instance, ask what you must do to earn a million instead of how you would get the same. The more you practice the method, the better you at structuring the base question. Here are the ways you can build a mind map:

First, a Question

Start from scratch with a question as simple as “what exactly do I want to tell my audience?” You can use a virtual tool or write the query down in the middle of a paper.

Write What Comes to Mind

List all the ideas that build in your mind before filtering out. No matter how crazy they are. Spend quite a few hours brainstorming those concepts. Sometimes a simple one can appear brilliant later.

Stay Dormant for a While

Do not go to the next phase of planning for the final solution yet. In this stage of mind mapping, let your subconscious mind take over and think of some possible answers. You might have more ideas after a few days than the previous mind mapping session.

Prioritize Ideas

Now that you have a couple of ideas in hand decide which one you would prioritize first. For instance, “what do I need to start the project?” You can then create a rough draft or start building the scope based on the priority list.

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