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Emerging Trends to Watch in the Workplace

New remote work norms are the most obvious shift during this COVID-19 outbreak. According to Gartner’s research, nearly 48% of employees will work remotely post the pandemic. But that isn’t the only shift in this time of transformation. What other trends are emerging in workplace experience? In this article at, Tiffany Delmore explains some workforce trends in the wake of COVID-19.

Trends to Look Out for

Emphasis on Contactless Interactions

Many organizations are placing greater demand on technology designed to reduce contact between employees. For instance, Amazon is now using AI to detect social-distancing violations, while Ford Motors Co. uses testing wearables that vibrates when workers get too close to one another. A Chicago-based construction company is using AI software to detect clumps of workers congregating on the job site.


As organizations become more agile, flexibility will become a crucial part of successful workplace cultures. Studies have indicated that nearly 70% of C-suite executives are aware that they need to re-evaluate their digital transformation strategy or are already taking steps to change it. Human resource departments must manage employee onboarding, talent management, and appraisals in the remote and distributed way of work.

Virtual Interviews and Onboarding

“To meet social-distancing requirements, many businesses have continued to conduct virtual interviews via video chat,” explains Tiffany. Furthermore, organizations are relying on virtual onboarding and training, more than ever before, to train new employees.

Besides, mandatory social-distancing requirements, health screenings, and mask mandates are also on-trend for employees’ safety. These screenings also make the workplace feel authoritarian. However, ensure not to make things worse for your employees by creating an ambiance where employees are afraid to socialize.

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