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Discover the Golden Rules of Learning from Elon Musk

Learning is a constant process you must practice throughout your life, but very few implement it to shape their career. In this article at Medium, Jake Daghe shares learning techniques acquired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The practices proved helpful to him multiple times. Learning ability and approaches vary from person to person. Thus, the results are different.

Leverage the Known

Once you adopt an agile mindset, you would not hesitate to become a disruptor like Musk. Not only once or twice, but the technology ace has inspired action in the automation, space sector, and IT industries multiple times. The Tesla Chief has a unique approach to view the business problems. Observe and follow these rules to become a successful IT professional:

Rule 1

Form a knowledge tree to understand crucial business aspects. However, keep in mind the distinction between thoughts that hang loose on the branches and the ideas that make a strong knowledge base like a tree trunk. Musk believes in keeping a firm grasp over the trunk before shifting focus on to the branches and leaves. So, the learning here is to understand the concept rather than the method associated with the business.

Rule 2

Develop a vast and gigantic knowledge tree of understanding across diverse industries and sectors. It is how Elon Musk has acquired and developed successful ventures across different sectors. First, he has solidified the roots to make a thick trunk, and gradually connected branches and leaves to make a strong network in the corporate world.

Even being surrounded by top-notch strategists, you should never stop learning and reading. Books should be a significant part of a leader’s life. Share your vision, recommendations, and thoughts through social media channels. Even though your days are crammed with several commitments, reading should be a key element of your daily routine.

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