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Job Seekers, Be Ready with More Than One Resume

Do you think you know everything about writing a good resume? Well, you may not. Studies indicate that 39% of hiring managers spend a minute or even less reviewing a resume, and nearly 23% spend less than 30 seconds. To effectively communicate your skills and qualifications in that brief time, you must know how to write an effective resume. In this article at The Balance Careers, Jen Hubley Luckwaldt explains why job seekers need three types of resume – a comprehensive, a targeted resume, and a one-page teaser.

Types of Resume That You Must Prepare

A Comprehensive Resume

A comprehensive resume must provide a running list of everything you have achieved in your career. It must include:

  • Achievements and projects: Include those achievements that helped save employers’ money. Insert exact dollars and percentages.
  • Work History: Incorporate your job titles, exact dates of employment, managers, and employers. Never fail to mention the skills you acquired at each position.
  • Skills and Certifications: Mention the exact names of the courses and workshops and their dates.

A Targeted Resume

During your job search, narrow down your focus. Create a targeted resume for a specific job title.

  • Keep your resume concise and specific: Limit your resume to just one page. Highlight your most relevant skills.
  • Format carefully: Make sure your resume is polished and professional.
  • Target one job title: Maintain different resume templates if you are targeting more than one job title. Always remember to customize your resume for each job opportunity.

A Short Teaser Resume

Create a one-page version of your resume that you can pass out at professional events like job fairs and conferences.

  • Keep it as short as possible: Think about how much time you spend glancing at business cards or handouts at networking events and format your resume accordingly.
  • Provide website and LinkedIn URL: Keep the URL professional. This will help people find you and your work easily.

Always remember to list your hard skills and quantify your accomplishments. To read the original article, click on

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