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COVID-19: Learn New Skills to Stay on Top of the Game

As businesses around the world cancel in-person meetings and conferences in response to the novel coronavirus, ‘online courses’ have reached a historic high. Many employees are taking up additional learning opportunities to boost their employability. In this article at Forbes, Nigel Davies explains why the coronavirus-fueled trend for learning new skills is more than fleeting.

Why Learn During Pandemic?

“The reasons are manifold. Some, without a commute, are making the most of time in the day to learn,” says Nigel. ‘Perpetual professional growth,’ on the other hand, has led some people to upgrade their skills. Furthermore, many companies are paying for relevant professional books and courses and encouraging employees to spend at least 150 minutes in learning per week.

Benefits of Learning New Skills

Makes You Marketable

Possessing a diversified skillset makes you an asset to any company. As professionals or budding professionals, you must know how competitive the world is. Employers hire individuals who can manage themselves and utilize their extensive skills on multiple projects or across the organization. A broad range of skills allows you to perform better in your professional capacity while helping you climb up the career ladder.

Makes You More Adaptable

By developing a growth mindset and believing you can learn new things, you will be more adaptable to the changes happening in your profession and workplace.

Rather than directing employees away to online learning platforms, companies must design online ecosystems with various professional courses and training packages to support long-term remote work practices in dedicated portals. Besides, organizations must persuade employees to undergo training that extends beyond professional development and explores personal and creative passions. For instance, online music lessons in piano and guitar or creative writing can help minimize the effect of stress on workers.

With a plethora of online workshops and resources, employees can develop new skills or advance the existing ones and position themselves for career success. To read the original article, click on

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