Want a Mid-Career Change? Here Are Some Tips

A midlife career change can be scary and exhilarating. But here’s some good news. Transitioning to a new career and industry doesn’t mean that you will need to begin from the bottom of the career ladder. If you considering a career change, you must start by evaluating what you want to do and what job would make you happy. In this article at The Balance Careers, Madeleine Burry provides some valuable advice on how to know if you should switch jobs – or switch careers.

Tips for Career Change in Midlife

Know Why You Want a Transition

If you enjoy your work but are unhappy with co-workers, the hours, the organizational culture, then consider a new job in the same field. If your industry is growing obsolete or if you desire for significant change in the job focus, find a job that utilizes the same skills, but with a twist. Sometimes, at mid-career, many people want to reinvent their work-life entirely. Though it sounds a significant transition – it’s doable.

Create an Action Plan

Once you identify your ideal job, coming up with a plan for how to get it must be your next step. “You will need to engage with real-world considerations to ensure that your dream career is realistic based on your existing responsibilities,” says Madeleine. List out all your skills and abilities, and determine how you can apply them to your new field.

Transition Tactics

Use your existing network: Inform your close friends and trusted confidants that you are considering a change in career, and share the details on your ideal job type.

Look within your current company: If you are making a big switch – from sales to IT – your current company may be more willing to work with you to make this transition.

Prepare for job interviews: Convince your interviewer that you have the right qualifications for the job. Sell your skills and ace the job interview.

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